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Video: Bebe Cool enjoys female fan’s coochie on stage

Musician Moses Ssali aka Big Size Bebe Cool is surely a ladies man.

Women have always loved him since time immemorial.

And this can be attributed to his good hunky looks and love ballads.

He has also always reciprocated the love but sadly he has an empress of his empire, Zena Kirema.

And therefore these women can only get to enjoy him only on stage and nothing more.

Bebe Cool when on stage with these female fans always makes people feel for Zena.

This is because of the eroticism he and these fans to show to each other.

And it was the same case this time round as a female fan decided to dance zero distance with the Wire Wire singer.

Bebe Cool made no mistake in locating her centre as he targeted his missile directly into her Pacific ocean.

And he wasn’t done with her as he wanted more from her.

Have a look at the video yourself.

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