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Video: Tenant begs furious landlord to excuse him from rent until his ‘kapapula’ wins


Don’t you at times feel really blessed to be Ugandan because of the fun that seems to happen everyday on social media despite the numerous problems that the country faces?

Ugandans seem to have been created in a different type of clay by God and a run through Ugandan social media streets is bound to cure you of depression or stress if you are suffering from any.

Well according to a video accessed by this website, a tenant can be heard asking his landlord to forgive him of rent as he waits for money.

This is after the landlord had warned him about how he’s going to bring the Police and throw him out of his house after defaulting several months.

The tenant hilariously in a voice note asks for the landlord for some time to get the money as if he invested it somewhere or is working somewhere.

Nope, he instead says that he has his betting slip locally known as ‘akatambula’ and this landlord should be patient and forgive him the months of December and January.

This is because the only remaining match is set to be played in February and he’s sure that the team will win since it’s a sure win.

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