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Video: Tycoon Lwasa hooks up new chic


Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has surely owned this year largely for controversies.

From l3aked adult videos to his wife Angel Kwakunda cheating on him then dumping her and then reuniting and parting ways, Lwasa has seen it all.

From there, he went on to date other women such as glamor girl, Vanessa Vanny.

Vanessa duped Lwasa about a Kwanjula and ended up detoothing him over Shs 30m.

Since then, he’s been exchanging ugly words with her.

Lwasa however seems like he’s not yet gotten enough of the disappointment by females.

He has already paraded off a new babe known as Nakalema.

Videos making rounds on social media show the attention seeking tycoon with her having some good time.

These can be seen at home as Nakalema uses her Snapchat filters to decorate Lwasa who looks like a horror movie translated by VJ Jjingo.


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