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Kalifah Aganaga unhappy with Sheebah’s ungratefulness


Singer/songwriter Sadat Mukiibi aka Khalifah AgaNaga has come out to blast fellow musician Sheebah Karungi for what he termed as being ungrateful.

While appearing in a local intervention, Kalifah said that he’s disappointed in Sheebah not recognizing him or inviting him for her recently concluded 2 day successful concert.

According to Kalifah, the singer reached out to him when she had just broken up with Jeff Kiwa.

Previously, it was Jeff Kiwa that Kalifah used to work with and had not at any one point dealt with Sheebah.

She however this time called him because she needed him and he didn’t hesitate to help her.

He gave a number of songs that actually turned out to be huge hits at a time she needed them the most.

“I never reach out to musicians, it’s they that call me because u have what they need. So Sheebah after parting with Jeff who I used to work with reached out to me and I decided to give her the songs. And these have really worked for her so much. They were bangers at a time she needed then due to lack of management.”

Kalifah has written a number of hit songs for Sheebah such as Nakyuka, Nkwata Bulungi, Kale mama featuring Chance Nalubega and Nabaleka among others.

He added that what annoyed him was the removal of his logo from hwr videos.

This is something Jeff Kiwa had never done and Sheebah besides paid him peanuts which he just gave to producer Nash Wonder.

The Bad Character boss said that he wants people to appreciate him when he’s still alive.

And not wait for him to die like what they did to the late Moze Radio of appreciating him when he’s no more.

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