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Video: MUK students chew themselves in Douglas Villa hostel


This has been a year rhay has really seen videos of mature content find their way to the media.

From the likes of Kabale University, Ndejje University, Life Of Selina, Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality MP’s wife to Yvonne Nakankaka, we have seen it all.

Among all these, Makerere University had missed out but it seems they were saving the best for the last.

And before the year ending, they decided to drop a banger.

This video has been dubbed the Makerere University Douglas Villa hostel video.

It shows the chic and guy first romancing themselves.

They then proceed to get to real action and the guy pulls out his long cassava.

The pair does it in doggy style and the guy’s wire can be seen going in and out as the girl’s sumbie oozes Ekyovu like that of Nakankaka.

For matters of privacy, we can’t upload the video but its on a Twitter a handle of a one ‘A Sexy Musoga.’

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