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Sextapes released this year- Full list


As 2022 comes to a close soon, it shall forever go down in our memories as a record breaking year.

This is so especially in the leakage of adult videos which have really kept us entertained throughout the year.

So without much further ado, let’s rewind the clock and look at some of the 18+ videos which surfaced this year.

Ndejje sxtape

This was one of the most trending videos of the year and had people digging for it almost everywhere.

In this video the student could be seen swallowing the 9 inch cassava without removing her panties.

This was not the only video from Ndejje as there was another one of a group feasting on themselves mercilessly.

Kabale University sxtape

Another one that had us appreciating nature and debunking some myths.

As common myth had it that Baking babes are not romantic at all, this video debunked the myth.

This soupy mukiga babe was seen being chewed and pleading for more in rukiga as she surrendered her Kigezi hills to her babe.

Yvonne Nakankaka and Dr Cephco

Probably one of the most talked about videos, this came in series with part one part two.

All these had one thing in common, the tiny Nakankaka releasing EKYOVU as she swallowed Dr Cephco’s 10 inch wire.

She was actually advised to go and act porn since she’s a star.

Life of Selina

One of the contending videos of the year was released by MUBS student Michelle Selina.

She had lots of people talking about her delicious sumbie.

Selina did some of the craziest things to herself which included dancing her bed post and a cucumber.

These were truly hot and are still stuck in some people’s galleries.

Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality MP’s wife

This has to be the video of the year without a doubt.

It had lots of people talking and buzzing amd appreciating Ankore juice.

Known as Karungi Joy, this woman was seen gushing loads of El nino while being chewed and this generated lots of debates on the internet.

Kasese sxtape

Well at a time when videos became videos, Kasese also got represented.

Not much was there to take from this video and it could easily pass for the most boring video of the year.


How could MUBS miss on the list? Impossible of course.

This chic was seen being chewed by a sugar daddy and what’s funny is that they were recorded through a hole in the door of the hostel.

Makerere University Douglas Villa hostel

This is the latest video that has decided to round off the year.

It didn’t get much attention as it got released at a time people are a bit busy with the festive season but it was worth a watch.

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