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Video: Prophet Elvis Mbonye reveals his networth

For a long time, pastors in Uganda and globally have made themselves some good money.

Whereas the few make it smartly, others don’t hide their dubious ways of fleecing their unsuspecting and cult intoxicated followers.

Most of the local pastors in Uganda are known to be filthy rich although their Networths are not known.

Some of these have lots of properties ranging from real estate, luxurious mansions, fleets of expensive cars among other things.

They live life large and can be equated to that of Hollywood A-listers.

Among these pastors who live large on the expense of their flock is Pastor Mbonye who is controversial.

Mbonye while appearing in an interview with Sanyuka TV’s Kaiyz was asked about how rich he is.

Mbonye said that he’s stinky rich and doesn’t even know the amount of his wealth.

All he does know is that he gets rich with each day that passes by.

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