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Video; Civilian beats up Police officer in Kampala


There was unprecedented chaos after a civilian who was being arrested by police beat up a police officer so badly.

These were recorded in the city centre of Kampala.

In the video making rounds, a well built suspect is seen being manhandled by Police as they take him to their van.

However as they move, he gets hold of one of the officers who he punches with well cut blows.

The officer tries to hit back but is outpowered by this man.

He only gets saved by the intervention of his comrades.

They then take this man under the van where he is to be transported to the station.

However the officer couldn’t handle the embarrassment and tries to grab a gun twice from his comrades to shoot this suspect.

His only restrained by his fellow officers and another female policeman who calms him down and talks him into moving away.

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