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Singer Kako Shammy parades sumbie in stage (video)

Revellers at Galaxy FM’S end of year party were treated to an epic welcome year party by upcoming singer Kako Shammy.

The singer stepped on stageband in a bid to entertain the fans decided to half undress.

Dressed in a skimpy long outfit, she started teasing the fans as she sang.

She first lifted her dress up to expose her red panties.

Kako Shammy then lay down spteading her legs in a bid to show her beans.

The fans couldn’t help it as they cheered her on.

Further, they went ahead to request for more and she gave it to them.

She lay down and started dancing sexually driving the fans crazy.

And for them, this is all they wanted to see after paying their monies.

Besides, she was also glad to hype up the crowds although not for her music but for her nakedness.

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