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Video: Shock as Pastor Kakande’s apple heals sick person


Okay, we all know about the nature of miracles our so called men of God perform and these are quite hilarious and funny.

These at times have many people believing that they are staged and indeed at times these are.

Well there is now a miracle that the controversial Pastor Kakande performed that has people talking.

According to a video making rounds on social media, a congregant can be seen telling the self styled prophet how she has pain in the stomach.

After telling him her problems, Kakande quickly gives her an apple to chew.

However, hardly had she eaten anything than she declared how the pain vanished and she’s already feeling fine.

Tweeps are now wondering how she could get healed in the blink of an eye before the apple could settle inside her.

However, we all know how controversial Kakande’s miracles are and therefore this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Recently he even told his followers to part ways with about 500k if they wanted special prayers for the new year.

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