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Have you watched the hot Sudanese video?


Ugandans have taken their lust for adult content to a whole new level.

It seems like the local content no longer satisfies them and they have decided to go abroad virtually.

This is after a certain Sudanese video made rounds on social media.

And now everyone is talking about it.

Tweeps have taken to social media to begin their fellows to put this video in circulation especially for those who have seen it.

Local radio station famed for stirring such controversy was the first to arouse it by posting that “The Sudanese video, ehhh.”

Other social media users followed in asking about this video’s whereabouts.

“Baa guys who has the sudanese video.”

“Tubadde tusaba ka video ka Sudanese video.”

“What am I hearing mbu “Sudanese video”. Who has it?”

“who has the sudanese Deng and prisca video from seroma secondary school?”

“Kale Sudanese Video mugiteke mu Circulation namwe.”

Well it’s not clear if this video really exists or if it’s just another hoax circulating from Twitter.

We shall however keep you updated once we get access to this video that is on everyone’s lips.

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