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Video: Weasel mercilessly beats up partner


It seems like violence and the Mayanja family are inseparable.

And not even a surgery can separate the two especially for Goodlyf singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo.

The singer was last year embroiled in controversies of beating up his baby mama and girlfriend Sandra Teta.

Weasel however came out to deny these allegations and even Sandra backed him up.

Not forgetting that he had still a while ago beaten up his shamba boy merciless leaving him bedridden.

Now the latest shows that the Ebyana singer is back to default settings after beating up his partner.

Not Sandra again but rather his singing partner yet to be indentifed.

According to a video shared on social media, onlookers can be heard pointing to a spot where Weasel is seen beating someone.

The others probably his friends surrounding him go ahead to cheer him as he beats up the fellow.

It’s said that Weasel had been on stage singing with the victim.

However its bot clear what triggered the violence.

What is clear is that the singer is highly intoxicated as he’s always been.

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