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Audio: Frank Gashumba heartbroken by daughter’s disrespectful behavior

City businessman and political analyst Frank Gashumba is absolutely not happy with his behavior Sheilah Gashumba’s behavior especially towards him.

A leaked voice note has shared on social media has now had many people expressing their shock towards the NBS After 5 presenter.

In this audio Frank Gashumba can clearly be heard talking about his daughter’s ill manners to a one Diana.

The political analyst and businessman raises a number of issues.

It’s quite clear that he’s a heartbroken and disappointed father.

This is because what he thought he had raised is quite the opposite.

Gashumba points out the type of men his daughter dates which he referred to as ‘miyayus.’

He apparently said that he won’t ever take these as in-laws even when 6 feet under the ground.

Furthermore, Gashumba also points out the tattoos his daughter has on her buttocks.

It’s quite clear that he’s currently in a place of misery but only disguises in public to have a perfect relationship with the daughter.


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