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Wife mercilessly canes husband (video)


It seems like cases of domestic violence are high on the rise these days.

And if you thought that it was a one way thing with women always being the victims.

You had better factory reset your thoughts because this video is about to disprove you.

According to a video uploaded on social media, a woman can be seen clearly and mercilessly flogging her husband.

The man is clearly nekkid and the woman canes him inflicting so much pain.

This man doesn’t make any attempt to fight back or self defense.

Social media users have already taken to stereotyping the incident.

Some wondered how this fella can be a man when he’s getting flogged by a woman like a kid without retaliating.

Others took to the blame game of saying that it could be witchcraft amd they can’t fathom how a man gets beaten just like that.

There are many cases such as these of men getting harassed by their partners.

But because many are afraid to come out amd speak because of fear on how society will judge them, they simply keep quiet and suffer in silence.

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