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Dancer Ritah Dancehall claims Spice Diana and manager Roger want to kill her


Popular dancer, vixen and model Ritah Dancehall has come out to reveal how Source Management is threatening to kill her.

According to the dancer, Spice Diana’s manager, Roger has been sending her threats of killing her or beating her severely once he lands on her.

And this is largely due to her opinion about the Siri Regular singer’s recent concert.

Despite massively selling out, many people have come out to trash the concert.

These state that the concert was on point in some aspects such as stage set up and dancing.

However, when it came to singing, Spice Diana was a massive disappointment.

This is equally what Ritah Dancehall expressed.

And it’s this opinion that is clearly getting her into trouble.

She wondered whether Roger and her singer will go around threatening anyone who wasn’t impressed by the concert.

Furthermore, she also said that she almost got beaten up by Roger and her team when they bumped into her in Jinja.

This is where she was going to perform under boss Shakira Shakiraa at one of Spice Diana’s concert.

She added that she now walks in fear especially owing to the fact that Spice Diana and Roger have allegedly ever killed a person.

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