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Video: Blasphemy- Pr Bugingo preaches Kibandana style at his church


Start naming some of the most controversial pastors in Uganda and House of Prayer International Ministries lead pastor Aloysious Bugingo’s name will surface.

Of course we all know that most pastors in Uganda are controversial but there are those who are above others.

And is the trend currently with everything being ‘Babandana’ style as per Grenade Official’s song, Bugingp decided to give the trend a go.

During one of his sermons, he started preaching in this style and some of the words didn’t come out appealingly.

They a bit turned out vulgar but his sheep cheered him on as it appealed to them.

Some of these included ‘byumana’ while referring to those playing tje instruments in the church.

He referred to the believers as Bakirizana and him the mubulizana.

And while telling the flock to clap for God (Mukama), he said Mukama-na much to the ululation of the crowd.

Well below is the video for you to judge for yourself whether the pastor should go ahead preaching Kibandana style.

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