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Kampala slay queens vow to chew married men(video)


Well if you have a man and you fight for him just like Kaftah Queen who beat up her friend Pretty Nicole over her man, stand warned.

This is after Kampala slay queens sounding out a huge a huge warning.

This was directed at all those women who beat other women over their men.

They revealed how they are going to chew these men until no one is standing.

And they are also daring these women to go and beat them to if they feel so offended.

Ever since the Kafta Queen and Pretty Nicole saga broke out, lots of slay queens have vowed to chew these men without fear or favor.

Amd lots of men are now wishing and praying they could get pounced on and eaten by these slayers.

All of us men are actually wishing our girlfriends fight whoever they find us with.

And hopefully these slay queens can notice and start eating us from the top to bottom.

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