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University slay queens proud of their homosexuality behavior (video)


It’s very clear through and through how homosexuality is a prohibited case in Uganda.

Not at any one time is this allowed anywhere be it by law or cultural norms.

In fact anyone deemed to be gay is seen as a curse amd social outcast.

But yet some way some where there are people who see as a normal way of living.

Twitter was yesterday after teo females believed to be from Kyambogo University decided to detail their journey in lesbianism.

The two who are all clearly female referred to themselves as he and she.

They were asked who initiated the relationship amd the one who identifies as the woman pointed to the other girl and said ‘him.’

These were asked if they are engaged and proudly showed off their engagement rings.

And they can clearly be seen without any remorse about their deeds.

Social media has however been up in fire amd criticism is high for these.

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