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Daniella calls for punishment of husband, Chameleone after cabing boda boda cyclist


All the love that once existed between singer Dr Jose Chameleone and his wife Daniella Atim seems all but gone.

This is after Daniella has continued to distance herself away from the Mayanja family.

She has now called for justice for the boda boda cyclist who appeared in a video being assaulted by Chameleone.

A video on social media yesterday showed the singer beating up a boda boda rider who had allegedly scratched his car.

This has got many people calling for punitive actio against the singer.

Among these is the mother of his 4 children who said that there is no room for violence.

And therefore there should be justice for this cyclist.

“Violence will not be tolerated. Zero tolerance for violence. Justice for boda victim.”


This is not the first time that Daniella is blasting the Mayanjas.

She last year dragged all of them especially Weasel after allegations of the Goodlyf singer battering his baby mama and girlfriend Sandra Teta.

One of the followers of Daniella tried to tell her to call down about Chameleone since he’s her husband.

Daniella shockingly asked this social media user of she can give the singer to this social media user so that she can feel what a beast the Badilisha singer is.

Rumors have it that Chameleone used to continuously beat Daniella.

And it’s the reason she fled with her kids to the US.

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