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Video: Sheilah Gashumba throws father’s words to the bin, parades bare b00bies


Well many people thought that after the leaked voice note of Frank Gashumba condemning hwr daughter’s lifestyle, she would change a bit.

But it seems this is not the case for her as she continues to live her lifestyle.

Having paid an expense paid trip for boyfriend Rickman to go and watch the EPL encounter between Arsenal and Manchester United, Sheilah remained in the country slaying.

A video that she uploaded on her social media pages has had many people talking.

This is after she posted a video of her in very skimpy outfits.

She was in a very short skirt that left nothing to imagination.

Sheilah also had a see through blouse that showed her breasts and sharp pointed n1pples out.

It should be recalled that in his rant, Frank Gashumba complained about Sheilah’s bum tattoos and her indecent dressing.

She however doesn’t seem like she’s ready to change even for rbe father.

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