Video: White tourist walking nekkid on beach taught unforgettable lesson


Well the world seems to have gone nuts with the ‘my freedom of expression’ narrative.

Some people feel so entitled thinking that they can actually do whatever they want regardless of where they are.

Lots of tourists and other people from the west have felt it an obligation to exert their values on other parts of the world.

These feel like they are moral police and whatever they do is what should be done globally.

Well this tourist happened to be at a certain beach probably somewhere in India.

And he decided to walk on the beach almost entirely nekkid despite being a very old man.

He can be seen walking only putting on a g-string.

Well if you didn’t know that men have g-strings too, you had better know now and get yourself one.

This man was actually called by a local who asked him why he’s dressed the way he is in a private place.

It seems like this wasn’t the first time this man was doing this as the local is heard clearly telling him how he was told against this dress code in the previous year.

The man tries to claim how it’s his right since he’s from Europe but he’s told that he should do this in Europe.

Another white woman comes by and tells this man that he ought to respect the laws of the land where he’s at.

And when the local says he’s calling the police, this white man agrees to cover up.

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