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Kalifah AgaNaga claims to have seen Sheilah Gashumba’s s3xtape


Socialite Sheilah Gashumba has dominated the news for the past few weeks.

And this has been for both bad and good reasons but we all know the negative trends more.

She first grabbed the headlines when an audio of her father tearing through her leaked.

And now she’s been trending for all the wrong reasons.

This is after nekkid images purpoted to be hers leaked but she distanced herself from them saying they were photoshopped.

And guess what now, there could even be a video as per singer Kalifah AgaNaga.

In a message from the Oyitangayo singer, he claims to have seen Sheilah’s sumbie.

He then goes ahead to say that her cookie is like a cockroach.

Besides the singer also says that Sheilah is so dry as her waters are just like saliva.

On top of that Kalifah expressed sympathy for Frank Gashumba because this time he migh faint since the other time he was complaining about his daughter’s butt tattooos.

“Obufananyi mbulabye naye akantu kalinga ekiyenje and the bu water bulinga obulusu
Now the father was complaining about the tattoo, but this time he might faint,” said Kalifah in reference to Sheilah Gashumba.

For long there have always been rumors about a Sheilah Gashumba adult tape.

And it’s not clear now if it will finally be accessed publicly or if it’s just theory still.

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