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Video: Game over for gay TikToker impersonating Hon Balimwezo as his father


Nakawa east MP Hon Ronald Balimwezo was so furious as he arrested a gay TikToker who claimed to be his son over the weekend.

This TikToker who goes by the usernames of @Chickenchiken1234 has been claiming how the MP is his biological father.

This TikToker went ahead to call out all those people who were reporting him to ‘his father’ Balimwezo about his gay content.

This boy said that it’s sad that such people have time to do this because his father knows that he’s gay and is very supportive of his actions.

“Someone shared a video of me putting on waist beads to my father. He contacted me and we instead laughed about it. Let it pain you, I’m not going to remove them, if you want to die, you go and die,” Chickenchiken said.

“Sorry to disappoint you because my father is very much aware of everything I do. He even follows me on Tiktok. He is so supportive. You cannot tell me that you know me better than my Dad. I love gay people because they have never done anything wrong to me. You have nothing to tell me. They are good people, they are my friends,” the youth added.

This however was not the case as Balimwezo landed on this TikToker and dragged him to the Police Station.

He asked him whether he’s the father and this boy said no.

It was just a friend of his who told him that he looks like Balimwezo.

Since then, he started calling him Balimwezo’s son.

Balimwezo questioned him if he’s being paid to tarnish his name and the boy said no.

He pleaded with the MP to forgive him but Balimwezo vowed to teach him a lesson to stop playing with people’s names.

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