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He’s worthless- Frank Gashumba attacks Rickman again


It seems it will take a lifetime to convince businessman and political analyst Frank Gashumba that singer Rickman is the right man for his daughter, Sheilah Gashumba.

He once again stung him indirectly during Sheilah’s party launch of her fashion store, Gash Luxe.

Gashumba said that for all the times he’s gone to clubs, it’s been men that buy him drinks.

He’s never seen a woman buy him anything.

And netizens have already interpreted this as an idirect attack to Rickman.

They think that Gashumba meant that Rickman is brome and he’s never bought him anything.

“It beats my understanding to find that for the few times I have been out at night, it’s only men who have ever bought me something. I also want to tell you all ladies that a woman who a drives her own Spacio is better than a woman who drives her man’s Range Rover,” Gashumba said.

It should be recalled that an audio which leaked last month clearly showed how Frank Gashumba is not a fan of his daughter amd Rickman’s relationship.

He likened the Naki singer to notorious LRA leader Joseph Kony.

Gashumba also added how he could never accept Rickman as his son inlaw.

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