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Video: Parents concerned over high homosexuality levels


Homosexuality seems like the new plague that is ravaging the world across.

And whereas some parts of the world especially the west have managed to tolerate this nonsense, some parts of the world are yet to acknowledge this vice as normal.

However, as if it’s an agenda, the LGBTQ community seems bent on spreading their culture by force across the world at all costs.

Videos and news have of recent been common talk in Uganda especially in schools.

Now a woman has come out to narrate a horrible and shocking video she saw.

According to this woman, a parent most assumingly, she watched a video that broke her heart to pieces and left in tatters.

In this particular video, kids as young as 3 years were put in a warehouse.

These kids were then done on sodomy acts by very grown mature men.

They also directed these kids to perform cunnilingus on them.

And after the kids were directed to start performing what they had learnt onto each other.

Right away these kids who had been innocent at first started practicing what they were indoctrinated.

This heartbroken just lamented to God to come and intervene because this looks to be going to the extremes.

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