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Video: Watch how South African rapper AKA was shot


The world, Africa and especially South Africa is still in shock after famous rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes alias AKA was murdered in cold blood.

The Prada singer was shot around Wish Restaurant in Durban.

This is where he was slated to perform at YUGO night club as part of the celebrations of his 35th birthday.

Earlier reports indicated that the singer was shot 5-6 times at close range after two cars pulled by where he was standing.

However new footage shows the singer was exchanging pleasantries with some of his friends at a petrol station.

A man covered in a hoodie on foot stepped by with a pistol and aimed for AKA’s head.

He shot him and then walked away as the singer fell down and blood started oozing our of his head.

Another member of the gang is in the opposite direction of this thug who shot AKA.

It’s him that shot a friend of AKA who who also died instantly and the bodyguard that got wounded.

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