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Video: It was a stunt- Nince Henry on viral social media post


Singer and songwriter Henry Sekyanzi aka Nince Henry has come out to clarify a recent post he made on his social media pages.

The Kaberebere singer had heads turning and tongues murmuring after he claimed that he’s gone two days with nothing to eat.

He further said that his fellow artists have shunned him and he currently has nothing to eat.

Nince Henry further added how he is selling his car, a Mercedes Benz to get money.

As opinions started rolling in even from fellow artists, the singer has now come out to clarify on the issue.

He said that it was a stunt and he just wanted to sell his car which he bought last week from a friend.

Therefore, he thought such a post would draw people’s attention.

And then they would call on the number he gave to negotiate business.

Concerned people from Uganda and abroad all called wanting to send the singer help.

He however clarified to them that it was just a stunt.

Besides the number he gave is not registered on Mobile Money and therefore nobody can claim that they sent him money.

The singer then went ahead to apologize for his stupid and reckless actions

Nince Henry reckoned that what he did was without a doubt wrong because there are people who are clearly starving and a person of his influence doing such a thing was silly.

He also stated how he has no problem with fellow artists as per his post.

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