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Video: Evil woman refuses to help fellow woman from falling to death


Social media users have taken to a video circulating on Twitter to lambast a woman who refused to help a fellow woman and prevent her from falling down.

In this video, a woman can be seen hanging on a very tall building holding with one arm.

She is seen crying and pleading for help from someone inside the building.

This woman however inside doesn’t make any attempts to help and resorts to recording.

The woman pleading for help looks down and being frightened she ends up letting go.

She falls down so badly and clearly there are no chances of survival.

According to those who understand the language being spoken, the woman who was asked for help apparently told the one asking for it that she was joking and there is no way she could do anything to help her.

It’s believed that the woman recording is an Arab and the one asking for help was probably working for her.

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