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Video: Alien Skin beat and broke my jaw- Bouncer cries out for help

A bouncer at Club Vox who also works as a gym instructor has come out to plead for help.

This is after upcoming singer Alien Skin severely beat him up.

This bouncer says that Alien Skin found him at his workplace.

The Sitya Danger singer was with a bunch of his friends who he tried to check before they entered the club.

They however resisted and in trying to stop them, Alien Skin punched him breaking his jaw which made some of his teeth fall out.

He tried to go to Police but he was asked for money which he didn’t have and his case was dismissed.

Apparently this bouncer wants Alien Skin arrested and brought to justice.

He wants him to pay his medical bills and look after his family for the time he won’t be working.

“I work as a gym instructor and also as a bouncer at Club Vox. Alien Skin came with friends and when I tried to body search them, they pushed and beat me up severely. I lost some of my teeth and since then I don’t work yet I have a family which I provide for.”

“I reported the matter to Police but they didn’t help me because they wanted some money. However, if he’s arrested, I want him to pay all the hospital bills till I recover and I want him to pay my family upkeep for the days I won’t be working,” the victim said.

Alien Skin who is always high on drugs was called to talk about this matter but he refused to comment about it.


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