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Video: Chameleone and Weasel kiss each other at Gwanga Mujje concert


Leone Island boss Dr Jose Chameleone finally staged his much anticipated and talked about Gwanga Mujje concert.

And boy what a day it was as it was massively attended by fans.

The performance was top notch and there was a couple of talking points.

And among these was the mouth to mouth kiss exchanged between Chameleone and his younger brother, Weasel Manizo.

The Goodlyf singer stepped on stage to sing his Bomboclat song with his older brother.

And midway the performance, Chameleone planted a kiss on Weasel’s lips.

This is not the first time the Mayanja Brothers are engaging in such an act.

A while ago, while performing as s trio, Weasel was seen kissing both Pallaso and Chameleone.

Even during the recent video shoot of the Bega Bega remix, Pallaso and Chameleone were seen dancing in a more disturbing way.

And bearing in mind that Uganda doesn’t tolerate g@ys, these has always left people whispering while others call it brotherly love.

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