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I have never been friends with Spice Diana- says Sheebah


The self styled queen karma Sheebah Karungi has come out to give the verdict of her friendship with fellow songstress, Spice Diana.

The two were a few months ago involved in a bust up which came up after Spice Diana jailed Ritah Dancehall.

The Siri Regular singer accused Ritah of defamation.

This was something Sheebah Karungi didn’t take lightly.

Consequently the two singers without a doubt fell out and started bickering.

Spice Diana proceeded to unfollow Sheebah and delete all the pictures they shared together on her Instagram page.

When she was questioned about this, Sheebah said that she expected a woman like Spice Diana to handle the situation better than she did.

First of all she’s a star and Ritah is a young girl trying to put food on her mothers table.

According to Sheebah, Spice could have simply warned Ritah to stay out of her lane.

Sheebah added that she doesn’t care about Spice Diana unfollowing her if that is what gives her peace and sleep.

Besides, she has better things to do than snopp all ober who has followed and unfollowed her.

“Shes a successful woman and I expected her to deal with the situation much better. If unfollowing me on social media is what gives her peace, she’s okay to do it but there are certain things I have no time for. And no, there was never friendship between us in the first place so I don’t want people to confuse the two. There is what we call mutual friendships for colleagues in the music industry. And this is different from friendship so I don’t want us to fake,” said the former TNS singer.

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