Watch shocking video of man masturbat!ng in taxi


If you thought you’re tough, you had better think twice because there are definitely people who gave up on themselves.

These do bizarre things that you would never think of doing or never thought can be done.

Well a certain man was filmed sexually pleasing himself in a taxi full of passengers.

This man can be seen pulling out his uncircumcised 2 inch wire.

He then tries to cover himself with his bag.

This weird fella goes ahead to shake it severally and it seems this is how he derives sexual pleasure.

Meanwhile he seems to think that nobody is seeing him but the person who caught him on camera simply saw everything.

The fella seems to be seated next to a woman and looking at her phone which could have made him horny.

Many social media users have come out to condemn this saying that he’s a danger to the women around him.

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