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Watch two young lovers make shocking pact (video)

When they say that love can make you do anything stupid, don’t ever argue much in case if you have never been in it.

The truth is that love can make you do things you might think you were under a spell especially when it ends in tears.

This seems the case for these young lovers who appeared in a video that is making rounds on social media.

The young couple made a blood last to never leave each other.

These proclaimed their love for one another and after cut themselves using a razor blade.

They then sucked each other’s blood and proceeded to make the proclamations.

According to them, none will ever leave the other and if there is one that does, they will face the severe repercussions.

These are just like the things we watch in horror movies especially Nigerian movies.

Many people in social media have come out to criticize them and say that they would never do such a thing.

But since it’s their pact, they will have to deal with whatever outcome comes out.

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