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Mpako or else I will teach you a lesson- Man threatens Dj Raja’s sister


Christine Nampeers a Twitter sensation has been threatened with having her adult videos leaked by an anonymous man.

This guy took to Nampeera’s WhatsApp inbox and introduced himself as one of her followers.

He then told her how he’s always wanted to discuss something privately with her.

This guy told Nampeera how he’s always wanted her ever since he saw a raunchy video of her dancing erotically in a yellow dress at some party.

Since then this fella has never gotten peace. The guy went ahead to offern $500 for Nampeera to have some private moment with him.

He further requested for the conversation to stay between just the two of them.

He then sent her the video and requested that if she accepts to give him some sumbie, the secret will only remain between just the two of them.

He even promised her to always travel with her abroad with everything fully paid for by him.

Nampeera however didn’t entertain the man’s conversation and she brought everything to Twitter.

She said that she even isn’t the girl in the video this man presented to her.

“I don’t even look like the girl in the video he sent .. if anyone sends shit like this to me .. I will post your number and name so your family sees the things you do.”


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