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Nina Roz tells why she ended up getting married to Daddy Andre (video)


Songstress Kankunda Nina aka Nina Roz has finally told how she ended up getting married to fellow singer Daddy Andre.

It should be recalled that the two shocked many after news of their secret marriage went viral.

Appearing in a one on one interview with Mr Henrie, the Omuliro singer said that she doesn’t know how the public even got wind of their marriage.

This is because they did everything so secretively. Henry then asked her why she chose Andre and whether she loved him.

The Songstress revealed that she was confused by then as she was just getting out of depression.

She therefore wanted someone to lean on and someone to trust with her life and music career.

Daddt Andre proved to be this person. He supported and helped her in ma y things including preparing her for the woman she’s today.

Despite that their relationship was short lived, Nina refuted this.

She said that it actually was longer than most people saw and it’s like this because they only showed the public what they wanted to.

On whether she loved the songwriter and producer, Nina said that she did and by the time tje heart wanted nothing but him.

The two however later broke up bitterly and now don’t see eye to eye.

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