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Lovey-dovey Zambali Bulasio Mukasa and Isabella Tugume almost..kiss in studio(video)


For long rumors have been making rounds that NBS TV workers Zambali Bulasio Mukasa and Isabella Tugume might have a thing going on.

This is due to the way they behave while around one another especially at work.

The two are always dancing in a more daring way in their social media and TikTok videos.

Besides they are also always close at work and don’t seem to let each other go.

There is high chemistry between them and it’s not clear whether indeed they have any other things they do off camera.

On top of that, a video recently circulated which had people buzzing.

This showed Zambali who presents the NBS Barometer show almost chew Isabella’s lips.

He however whispered something into her ears which sent her bursting into laughter.

Zambali meanwhile is a married man with kids even and revealed how he’s set to walk his wife down the aisle this year.

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