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DJ Roja’s sister Christine Nampeera alleged video dropped

A couple of days ago Twitter sensation Christine Nampeera the sister to famous DJ Roja of the DJ Slick Stuart and Roja was in the mix of things.

This is after a certain man who claimed to be highly reputable texted her.

He wanted to mix and mingle with the curvaceous Nampeera and didn’t hesitate to make his feelings known.

He told her how she had been running him crazy ever since he saw her dancing at a certain party.

Further, he dropped the video of her he claimed was Nampeera.

He offered about 500 USD for just to have a taste of her giant beans.

However an angry Nampeera posted everything on social media and exposed this man.

She said that the girl in the video wasn’t her and she was so disgusted by this man’s behavior.

Well many people started searching for the video to have a look and certify for themselves that it’s not her.

The video was highly inaccessible but finally we did get it.

And clearly it has never been Nampeera. It just seems this brother was highly infatuated over the hot Twitter queen.

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