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Is Betty Nambooze related to singer Mesach Ssemakula? Truth here


For a long time rumors have always suggested that veteran and band music singer Mesach Ssemakula is related to politician Hon Betty Bakireke Nambooze.

A look at the two individuals doesn’t even take one to second guess.

And many people have always believed that the two are related somehow.

Ssemakula said that he resembles his father and believes Nambooze could be his father’s child.

However she refused to come for a DNA.

The Kankutendereze singer humorously called Nambooze to come for a DNA before their land gets finished being divided upon themselves.

Besides the Golden Band singer also said that Nambooze’s high intelligence belongs to their family.

The singer said that he even refers to Nambooze as his sister whenever they meet.

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