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Video: TikToker MickeySeems2Funny reportedly chewing Rahmah Pinky


Ever since Rahmah Pinky left Jeff Kiwa’s TNS label, she’s gone ahead to do several questionable things.

Now a video making rounds on social media left people in whispers.

This video showed her in bed with renowned TikToker MickeySeems2Funny.

The two all looked lovey-dovey in bed and didn’t want to let go of each other.

Rahmah was just in a bare shirt and had all her small thighs all over the TikToker.

Many had started speculating that the TikToker could be feasting on the faded singer.

However, she cleared the air and said that rhe two of them are just friends.

Besides Mickey had just offered to appear in her new song whose video is being shot.

There is nothing therefore big between them.

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