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Charles Rwomushana and Hon Lutamaguzi almost exchange blows in BBS Studios


Either it’s Charles Rwomushana who is a trouble maker or it’s his fellow panelists that have a problem.

This is because he’s always landing in trouble with them.

After his saga with Hon Betty Nambooze at NBS’ Barometer show, Rwomushana was at it again with Mp Hon Lutamaguzi Ssemakula.

It all started when Rwomushana interrupted Lutamaguzi while he was giving a submission about homosexuality in Rwanda.

Lutamaguzi said that the act is not tolerated in Rwanda amd it’s punishable by death.

Rwomushana asked Lutamaguzi if he has evidence.

This annoyed Lutamaguzi who went bare knuckles and personal against the former ISO operative calling him a ‘munyampi’ which is a derogatory word coined by NUP supporters against westerners and Banyarwanda.

Rwomushana dared Lutamaguzi to insult him or call him that again and see what he would do to him.

Further, Rwomushana asked Lutamaguzi to excuse themselves outside the studio so that they sort themselves out.

Social media users seem to side with Rwomushana on this issue especially due to Lutamaguzi’s parochial utterances.

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