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Famous TikToker reveals men she’s infected with HIV


A famous thigh vendor known as Mackline Juliet Nakalema more known as ‘Owa Abanoonya’ has sent shockwaves and fear through the public.

This is after she went public with a social media video about her HIV status.

Holding what appeared as tablets and papers, she said that she was from getting an HIV test.

And this shockingly and sadly turned out to be positive.

She revealed how she’s sorry for her previous videos that have been making rounds on social media.

Nakalema decided to list several men who had ‘beat her bananas.’

She advised them to go for HIV checkups and if they find themselves negative, they should thank God, and if they are already sick they should start taking ARVs.

For her case, she said that she can’t manage a life of taking drugs.

She then listed the men that have chewed her sumbie tubeless.

These included Kajoni Omutoro, manager Mutawe of the comedy duo Maulana and Reign Sun Ug and Timo.

She said that these are the only ones she recalls and there are several others she doesn’t remember.

For her case, she said that she has little time alive.

And these people’s life is the most important thing but her attempts to look for them have failed.

She said that she was sending them this message for the very last time.

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