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Homeless producer Didi cries out to musicians he helped for assistance


Once famous music producer, Producer Didi has opened up about the miserable life he currently lives in.

The producer relocated from Kampala and went countryside to one of the shores of Lake Victoria where he lives like a pauper.

It’ here that he was given a dilapidated structure to live in where he doesn’t even have a mattress.

Didi was once one of the best producers especially in the early 2010’s.

He produced hit songs such as Stamina, Super Power for Eddy Kenzo among others.

Furthermore, the producer cooked songs for musicians such as Coco Finger, Renah Nalumansi, Merlon Asher King Saha among others.

In fact he was very pivotal in the rise of both King Saha and Eddy Kenzo to fame.

Asked whether he didn’t make any investment during his time at the top, Didi said that he invested in musicians.

Apparently he’s tried to reach out to some of them such as Eddy Kenzo and King Saha for help.

They promised to reach out and help. Kenzo told him that he would send his manager to assist him.

It’s now 3 years and he’s never seen the manager.

He however said that he’s not bitter at any of them and it seems they are busy.

“I decided to shift from Kampala to this side where u was given a place to live by well wishers. The place is however in a dad state as it leaks whenever it rains. For those that don’t know me, I’m producer Didi. I did songs such as Stamina, Super Power among others for Eddy Kenzo. There was also hits such as Mikono Waggulu, My miss for Coco Finger. I worked with the likes of Merlon Asher, Renah Nalumansi and King Saha.”

“I tried reach out to some of them for help especially Kenzo and Saha. They promised they would send it but until now I haven’t seen anything. Kenzo promised to send me his manager but it’s now 3 years. These musicians are what I invested during my time at the top. However I’m not bitter at any one and it seems they are busy. I will keep waiting, ” said Didi.


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