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Video: Asan Kasingye reveals how girlfriend cheated on him

Former Police AIGP Asan Kasingye has come out to narrate his own series of ‘FEAR WOMEN.’

Kasingye while appearing in an exclusive interview with Galaxy FM’s Mr Henrie on Galaxy TV told of how his girlfriend cheated on him.

In fact she had been cheating on him after he did ‘kwemakula’ on her handbag.

Kasingye says that one day he checked his girlfriend’s bag and found an envelope in it.

He read it and this woman was thanking a man for the money he had sent her.

She went ahead to promise to visit him later and probably give him ‘ko ekya mikayiri’ (beans).

Even the cups and the utensils in his house had been bought using the money this man had given his woman.

The beloved Twitter user and Former police officer added that since that day he vowed to never touch a woman’s bag.

Kasingye also criticized men who have several women.

According to him, there is no way a person can outgrow such a habit and this is likely to peg back his development and growth in many ways.

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