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Bobi Wine accused of copying Burna Boy quote


Galaxy FM yesterday found itself being roasted by social media users after branding Bobi Wine a copycat and a ‘VJ Junior.’

This is after the station posted a video of Nigerian singer Burnaboy and the NUP principal, Bobi Wine.

In this clip Burnaboy was seen explaining something and proceeded to use the example of a boat sinking.

The Common Person singer said that a boat doesn’t sink because of the water around it but because of the water that gets inside it.

In his recent interview, Bobi Wine also gave the same example and quote.

Galaxy FM concluded that Bobi Wine had simply washed through Burnaboy’s quote and translated to Luganda thus nicknaming him a VJ.

Defendants of Bobi Wine however were quick to roast the media house.

They advised Galaxy to stick to stupid sexual posts because it’s what they do best.

This is because the quote that both Burnaboy and Bobi Wine used belongs to neither of them but to the late former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

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