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You’re in deep trouble- Rwandan musician Sunny warns Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman


Have you ever randomly and out of nowhere had a dream about a person you don’t know, have never met or a famous person that definitely you have never interacted with.

Well this seems the case with Rwandan musician Sunny Rwanda following the ‘vision’ she received about Ugandan socialite Sheilah Gashumba.

Sunny says that she’s never met Sheilah at all but she dreamt that she could be in trouble.

According to this singer, the dream she had showed that some 3 musicians are not happy with Sheilah Gashumba.

This is due to the way they were talking to Sunny about her.

In the dream she saw that Sheilah had an upcoming wedding and these three musicians were clearly not happy about it..

They did all they could to sabotage it and in the dream she saw Sheilah rise up from the rest of the people and she also had her name being said clearly.

After all this, these three musicians were so happy that finally she was off the scene.

Sunny said that people who understand visions or are so prayerful will understand her vision because God doesn’t reveal someone clearly when they aren’t in trouble.

Apparently it’s either Sheilah Gashumba or her boyfriend Rickman who is in trouble.

She added that she was told in the dream that Sheilah should read Psalms 61 quickly and also reach out to her for more details.

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