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Musician Ykee Benda left salivating by female fan (video)

Fans have always gotten sensual and touchy with their favorite musicians. These always engage in dances that leave you wondering what would happen if there was no people around.

These fans and musicians be it male or female always without a doubt want to chew themselves there and then.

Well this was the story of Mpaka Records boss Ykee Benda at a recent function he performed at.

The singer well decided to perform while rub-a-dubbing a female fan and she electrocuted him.

Apparently this girl had a big nyash that the singer kept on rubbiing his wire on till it felt the magnetic pulse and rose up.

The fan felt it and tried to flee as these girls usually do aftet they feel you are hardening on them as if if they thought it’s a non living thing.

The Superman singer who had already charged however couldn’t let her and kept rubbing it on her.

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