Here is Susan Makula’s confession which left Pastor Bugingo speechless


The couple of House of Prayer International Ministries led by Pastor Aloysious and wife Susan Makula is one that we are always bound to be talking about every now and then.

This is because ever since the couple hit public eye a few years ago, they have made it a point to always controversially grab headlines.

Now Makula during a TV session on Salt TV with Bugingo gave a confession that left a couple of people whispering.

She told her husband about an ex of hers who had bought her everything.

According to Makula, it was this ex who bought her first car, an FX. He also bought her a piece of land in Masoli, Kasangati.

Further, he was renting for her a classy apartment which was filled with some of the best utilities.

They however got disagreements and that man who was working in the government by then had gotten a scholarship to go and study in the US.

Makula says that she returned everything this man had gifted her. She drove the car and took it to the man’s mother.

She also told this ex’s mother about the land but it was rejected. Makula apparently got a lawyer who drafted the transfer papers and put the land in her ex’s mother’s names.

Basically everything that reminded her of him, she discarded it or gave it away. She then went back to hustling and settled in her mother’s ‘muzigo.’

The mother asked the daughter what she had done but Makula was now content because she had moved on.

She added that when she moves on, she doesn’t want anything to remind her of her ex. An inquisitive Bugingo asked Makula what she did with the pictures and she said that they got lost.

Apparently the only pictures she has are those of her baby daddy and these also are in the son’s album not her own.

Makula assured Bugingo that only his pictures are the ones she has because he’s her only man currently.


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