Singer Ang3lina shows off fat sumbie

What do you do when your music is not moving that rapidly as you would want to but want to stay relevant, do something controversial.

This will definitely keep you in the news and being talked about and if you’re a female artist, flaunting your sexuality might be the perfect option.

It seems the case of many female musicians and UK based Ugandan singer Ang3lina is no exception.

The musician is without a doubt very talented and some of her songs say so.

However, being in the diaspora hasn’t allowed her music to move as she would have wanted it thus resorting to keep her fans s3xually entertained.

The Go Down singer this time round took to her Instagram page to show off her well packaged sumbie at a gym session.

She then proceeded to call out for anyone that would like to partner her up and of course many did turn up in the comment section.

One thing however that is clear is that she has been working on her ‘NSOLOBOTO’ because it’s very fat and well placed where it should be.

It is a whole valley in tje southern region of her inner cities of Bombardier.

And definitely a lot of men would love to workout with her not lifting metals but discovering the lost golden city inside her Shanghai express.

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