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Stop calling my friend a maid- Rema blasts public


Songstress Rema Namakula has come out to hit out at all those who call her BFF Evelyn Namundo her house maid.

The Clear singer said that he doesn’t understand why people are so bad and nosy.

They basically like bringing about unnecessary chaos. She added that when they see Namulondo carrying her baby or doing anything for her, they conclude that she’s her maid which is not true.

Rema wondered why people can’t let a friend of her own do something special for her.

She added that nobody really knows where the two have come from. It’s been long journey.

Rema narrated how Namulondo used to pay her boda boda fares when she was broke and had no penny.

Apparently Namulondo was always there for her and it’s high time that she repays the favor.

That’s why if she at all is going abroad, she can’t live her behind and will always do anything for her. Therefore the Babylons should stop talking or continue wasting their time.

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