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Pia Pounds reveals the struggles she went through before becoming a star


Musicians are some of the people that really indeed do struggle a lot. A lot of people usually think that these are well off but it seems the opposite.

Well female singer Pia Pounds has revealed how she used to struggle to afford basic needs before releasing her maiden hit, Tupate.

Before, the singer says that she couldn’t afford paying her rent. She also at some point around 2017-18 used to vend juice and also sold clothes to make ends meet.

However, when she released her Tupate song, life changed for her. She now got the money to afford her basic needs.

It was this song that even bought her the first car in her life.

Pia also said that she couldn’t opt for a man to do all these things for her because such men don’t exist in Kampala.

“Tupaate financially changed my life. The song was big enough that I could now afford my rent. Before I couldn’t afford my rent. In order to make ends meet, I always sold juice and clothes before even the Covid-19 pandemic happened. The song also bought me my first car.”

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